Pet Hemp Seeds Oil 50mL

Untamed Pet Hemp Seed Oil Pet Supplement can be mixed into your cat or dogs food as part of a balanced diet.
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Mix Hemp Seed Oil Pet Supplement into your cat or dogs food as part of a balanced diet. A source of natural energy that can stimulate appetite. Help to decrease inflammation. Contains lots of vitamins and antioxidants. Gamma Linolenic Acid Omega 6, and Stearidonic Acid Omega 3 essential fatty acids that help maintain healthy skin and coat.

Instructions: Build up to maximum dosage. Mix into regular food once a day. 
Ingredients: Untamed Health's Hemp Seed Oil Pet Supplement is made of 100% Pure Australian Hemp Seed Oil with no fillers.
Storage Instructions: Store in a cool and dry environment. Refrigerate after opening. 

  • Australian Grown
  • Omega Oils
  • Calms Pets
  • Natural Energy
  • Chemical Free
  • Vegan Friendly
  • Food Grade
  • Cruelty Free

If you have a furbaby you know how much they mean to you & you will do anything to make them happy! We own a miniature dachshund. From birth Klaus was a rather anxious dog, did not eat his food and did not have the best pelt, he had very flaky skin & was missing a lot of fur on his chest area.

We started giving Klaus Hemp Oil when we left him to help with his anxiety and also his hunger and the results were astonishing!

Later we heard of the benefits of White Chia Oil and decided to give this to him every morning for his pelt and his joints. Since implementing this he has grown a new patch of fur on his chest and his coat shines!

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