Untamed Earth Friendly Sprouting Seeds


    Why Choose Sprouting Seeds Australia?

    1. Freshness Beyond Compare: Homegrown sprouts deliver unmatched freshness, ensuring peak flavour and nutrition in every bite. Say goodbye to store-bought options that may have lost their vitality on supermarket shelves.

    2. Quality Assurance: Take control of your sprouting journey, cultivating sprouts using the best practices and without harmful chemicals. Each seed variety is a testament to our commitment to quality.

    3. Chemical-Free Confidence: Growing sprouts at home guarantees that they are free from pesticides, herbicides, and other undesirable chemicals often found in commercially produced sprouts.

    4. Economical Abundance: Experience exceptional value for money as a small quantity of our premium Sprouting Seeds can yield an abundant harvest, saving you significantly compared to pre-packaged sprouts.

    5. Convenient Nutrition: With a constant supply of fresh sprouts at your disposal, enhance the nutritional value and taste of your meals with ease.

    6. Customised Crunch: Tailor your sprouts to perfection. Experiment with different sprouting methods to achieve your desired level of crunchiness or tenderness.

    7. A World of Variety: Beyond traditional favourites, explore an array of sprouts from Alfalfa to Wheat. Enjoy a multitude of flavours and nutrients to elevate your culinary creations.

    8. Educational Adventure: Growing your own sprouts is an educational journey, offering insights into plant growth and the vital role of sprouts in nutrition.

    9. Sustainable Living: Cultivating sprouts at home reduces the need for excessive packaging and transportation, contributing to a more sustainable lifestyle.

    10. Engage and Connect: Sprouting is an engaging activity that fosters a deeper connection with your food and its source, making it enjoyable for all ages.

    Untamed Health's Premium Sprouting Seeds: Sourced Locally in Australia

    Untamed Health Sprouting Seeds are meticulously sourced from local farmers across Australia, ensuring freshness and quality. We guarantee that they are free from undesirable additives, including added sugar, gluten, wheat, artificial flavours, preservatives, colouring, MSG, HVP, animal by-products, artificial fertilisers, pesticides, synthetically produced substances, GMOs, and genetic engineering.

    Choose from our wide range of premium Sprouting Seeds and embark on a journey to enjoy the freshest and healthiest sprouts. Start your sprouting adventure today!

    Shipping Restrictions Apply to WA and TAS
    Alfalfa – Not available to ship to Western Australia
    Soybean – Not available to ship to Western Australia
    Pea – Not available to ship to Tasmania
    Chickpea – Not available to ship to Tasmania


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