About Untamed Health

Welcome to the Untamed Health Online Shop, Established in 2020. We are a small family-owned Australian Business based in Queensland. Living a healthy lifestyle and consuming health-conscious products is a way of life for our family, and we want to share the benefit of our experience with you.

At Untamed Health, we are passionate about providing a range of beneficial health food products that are affordable. Our mission is to bring you high-quality products with the best ingredients sourced from within Australia. We stock a range of health food products, from Organically Grown Sprouting Seeds to Pet supplements for your fur babies.

Untamed Health’s most popular products are our unique Super Sprouter Germinator Glass Jars and Organically Grown Sprouting Seeds sourced from local farmers around Australia. The Untamed Health Super Sprout Germinator Glass Jar has a specially designed Lid that is very practical and acts as a strainer and stand to ensure your seeds drain quickly and grow well.

Untamed Pets was born out of necessity for our beloved miniature Dachshund Klaus, an anxious puppy that didn’t eat. He also had poor pelt and flaky skin and was missing a lot of fur on his chest area. We discovered that Hemp Seed Oil helped with his anxiety and appetite, and White Chia Oil helped with his pelt and joints. So we decided to bring out a Pet Supplement range of Cold Pressed Hemp Seed Oil and White Chia Seed Oil to help other pets in the same situation.