Sprouting 101

Sprouting 101

What is a sprout?

Before we delve into sprouting you must first ask yourself what exactly is a sprout? A sprouting seed has so many nutritional advantages. You can't exactly eat a mung bean that hasn't been sprouted can you? Think about it all that nutrients in the sprout is locked away and you need the right key to open it! Think of the sprout as a treasure chest! To unlock this you need a key... and your key is our Untamed Super Sprout Germinator. Once you start the germinating process that sleeping sprout starts to become a living plant with life! No longer are you eating just a sprout you are eating a tiny little plant that is growing!

Why would you sprout?

Sprouts are one of the easiest foods you can grow at home, this is because all you require to get started is an Untamed Super Sprout Germinator and one of the Untamed Sprouting Seeds. With these two things you can turn your kitchen into a sprouting farm. Sprouting is also perfect for anyone living in a small apartment or busy household as all you need is a kitchen bench!

Sprouting is also much cheaper than going to your local supermarket and buying sprouts. Our sprouts last much longer than those from the supermarket. This is because the sprouts you grow are fresh, organic and have been grown with love!

Our sprouts are all organically sourced from local farmers around Australia and are free from all those nasty pesticides, GMO free and most importantly are organic! 

3 things you should know about sprouting at home

1. Sprouting is fun for the whole family!
Try this with your kids... they will love it! They will enjoy the whole experience of watching their favourite sprouts grow right before their eyes!

2. Sprouts contain contain SO much nutrients! 
During the sprouting process your sprouts increase in protein content and also tend to have much higher levels of essential amino acids!

3. Sprouts are easy to digest and great for your gut health!
During the sprouting process sprouting helps reduce the presence of anti-nutrients like phytates which cause some people problems with digestion. Sprouting also helps produce enzymes which are essential to helping your digestion. 

How do you use our Sprouter & Seeds? (using Alfalfa as an example) 

1. Prepare Germinator - Rinse the Super Sprouter Germinator with cold water. 

2. Rinse Seeds - Place your Alfalfa seeds in the Super Sprouter Germinator and fill with fresh cold water to rinse the seeds. Secure the cap over the opening and then drain the water out immediately. 

3. Soak Seeds – Once rinsed pour enough cold water into the Super Sprouter Germinator to cover the Alfalfa seeds. Move the seeds around in the Super Sprouter Germinator to make sure all the seeds are well covered & the sprouter is facing upright. Soak the Alfalfa seeds for a total of 4 hours.

4. Growing / Rinsing – After soaking the Alfalfa seeds make sure to rinse the seeds twice a day and ensure that you place your Super Sprouter Germinator on a dish with the cap pointing downwards at an angle to allow any remaining water to drain out. This is when your seeds start to sprout!

5. Harvest Seeds - Harvest fresh, crunchy shoots and sprouts 6 days later! 

6. Clean – Rinse and clean thoroughly after use.