Benefits of Omega 3-6-9

Benefits of Omega 3-6-9

Omega 3-6-9 oils, also known as essential fatty acids (EFA) are essential for optimal health and wellbeing as they play a key role in maintaining healthy cells within our body. Omeg-3 oil is undoubtedly the most important of the Omega oils as it has excellent inflammation reducing properties as well as being the building blocks for the brain’s neurons. Most people get sufficient Omega-6 in their everyday diets but have a shortage of Omega-3, so additional supplementation is required.  

White Chia Seed oil contains 60% Omega-3 which is the highest known plant-based Omega-3 and is in perfect balance with other Omega oils. Our bodies are very good at making a lot of things. But it can’t make omega-3 and as a result we need to make sure we get Omega-3 from food sources. Unfortunately, many products contain below-average amounts of Omega-3, or worse, filled with unwanted by-products, chemicals and other toxins.

Omega-3 derived from White Chia Seed oil is an anti-inflammatory, which reduces inflammation in our body and protects your cells and supports critical systems in your body like your heart, brain, immune and nervous system. Added to this White Chia Seed oil contains unusually high amounts of antioxidants and phytonutrients. The American Heart Association recommends increased Omega-3 intake for the maintenance of a healthy heart.

In the extraction of the process White Chia Seeds are cold pressed and never exposed to heat in any manner ensuring the purest extract is used in the preparation of Untamed Health’s White Chia Seed oil and capsules.

Cooking with White Chia oil is an excellent alternative and a great way of increasing your Omega-3 intake. White Chia Seed oil has a high heat tolerance of 210° Celsius, which is significantly higher than olive and coconut oils.

Untamed Health Unique Point of Differences 

1- Our 250ml Oil Is Vegan: Unlike most competitors our 250ml White Chia Oil is completely vegan. As you know a lot of people source their Omega-3 from fish oil capsules, however our Omega-3 isn't derived from animals! Its from WHITE CHIA!

2- Soil Farm Quality Assurance: We only work with farmers who commit to stringent “Residue Free practices”, as well as allow us, still, to engage independent 3rd parties to test and validate their soil We guarantee complete traceability from the planted seed, right through to the final product. 

3- Unique Extraction Zero Waste Production: Our hulling processes deliver “zero” wastage and optimum in the quality/nutritional value of finished goods. With our cold pressed Chia processors rather than Force Filter we let the oil settle after expelling for 4 to 6 weeks, which is slow but demonstrates our ethos to only produce what is best for health and wellness. It guarantees that the quality and nutritional value of our oils, for example, is premium, smooth and beautifully textured and with first class nutrient retention (Omega’s). It also results in longer shelf life. 

4 - No Artificial Contaminants Used In Extraction: We believe we may be the only company in Australia not using solvents and artificial contaminants in the protein extraction process. Everything we do is organically / naturally extracted. It’s slower, but higher yielding and better for you!