Indulge in our smooth organic milk chocolate crafted with 40% cocoa and behold the subtle zesty bursts of our native Australian ingredients. Two of our chocolate bars include tantalising native bush fruits, Davidson Plum and Finger Lime, sourced from tropical and sub-tropical rainforests along Australia’s East Coast.

      SUPPORT LOCAL GROWERS: With each lip-smacking bite you’ll also be supporting local native bush fruit growers who are actively recultivating endangered bush fruits throughout Australia’s rainforests.

      GIVE BACK WITH EVERY BITE: From every sale of our Native Chocolate bars, 5 % of profits will be donated to Red Dust Healthy Living Programs to see the lives of Indigenous youth and families enriched and strengthened through innovative health promotion programs.

      GUILT-FREE: By buying a bar of Untamed Health chocolate, you can give back while you give in to another bite of gluten-free and refined sugar-free (but certainly not taste-free) organic chocolate.